February 7, 2019

Book-Bosomed Book Blog Reviews Sins of Omission

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Over at Book-Bosomed Book Blog, Book Babe offers a fabulous review of Sins of Omission.

Some choice quotes:

"The love scenes are very well done. No cheesy dialogue here. Instead it captures all the breathtaking and body clenching touches."

"... a well-written light-hearted story."

"Fans of short, safe, and steamy reads should find it checks all their boxes."

And my personal favourite (tee-hee):

"It would make a great beach read provided you don’t mind your bikini bottoms getting wet."

Book Babe at Book-Bosomed Book Blog

Head on over to Book-Bosomed Book Blog for the full review. Book Babe has some great takes on the latest romance reads.

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